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I am presenting at the fantastic AAMET International Conference in Manchester in the UK  the last weekend in October.  Bookings are about to open with a v generous early bird on www.aametinternational.org.   When the complete line-up of speakers at the main event and the pre and post-conference workshops are announced you will see why I think it is pretty humbling to be in such elevated company.  Watch this space or  www.aametinternational.org for more.  And if you are an AAMET member and have not yet visited the new website, have a look. You will be amazed.



I am busy working on the new AAMET Master of Applied EFT which will be launched later this year.

Unlike the original EFT Masters programme, in which EFT Founder Gary Craig awarded the title to 29 of us around the world, the emphasis of this will be on learning and developing rather than on assessing what people already know.  There will be, however, strict evaluation of eligibility and progress for those who want to be awarded this level of accreditation. People who do not want to go all the way will be able to take modules on topics they would like to learn more about.

Most of the original Founding Masters are involved in the project. I see it as a way to pass on much of what I have learned since my game-changing discovery of EFT.  I cannot speak for the others but am sure I am not the only Founding Master thinking about it this way.

If you want to be kept in the loop sign up for more information on www.appliedeftmaster.com



Amazing new research about energy psychology, including EFT,  is being published all the time.  To keep up with it, have a look at this summary: http://tinyurl.com/q2b2cng



Here is a link to the recording of an interview I did about the inner critic with social anxiety Specialist Sebastiaan van der Schrier.


Sebastiaan tells me it had already been downloaded more than 2000 times almost as soon as he he posted it.