Student Feedback

Above: Judy with two students at Regents College. Practising with other students is a key element of her courses. 


‘This one day workshop was extraordinary and fantastic.’ S.C.

‘Wonderful course. Content very interesting and very well presented. Judy and Richard are a great team.’ A.E.

‘Great day. Well structured and presented’ R.H.

‘An informative and useful training. Everything was explained well and extra time taken when needed. It was focused and simplified. Very approachable trainers.’ T.C.

‘I have loved this level 2.  Very excited about EFT! The approach from both Judy and Richard and gentle and clear and it was really easy to ask questions.’ S.C.

‘Brilliant, very informative, very useful, clear and concise. Recommented. Can’t say enough.’ S.T.

‘I have found the level 2 course very exciting. I feel able to work with clients and I am looking forward to Level 3.’ T.C.

‘An excellent day. Thank you so much. Excellent teaching. Excellent care of us. Frankly, as a trainer, I am in awe! How you taught us so mucha dn so well in one day was a marvellous example in itself. Clraity. Excellence. Alertness/Calmness. Thank you.’  B.D.

‘Fantastic.  I did not know what to expect but I love it and it is an amazing technique’ J.S.

‘Another eye-opening, or should I say mind-opening, weekend. The experiences shared helped me to consolidate what had been “theoretical” into a powerful and practical therapy tool.  A real world view on EFT and the challenges of setting up as a therapist.’ A.R.

‘I enjoyed having the opportunity of practicing using these techniques on myself and with others. Also a lovely venue and very central.’ S.L.

 ‘Really enjoyed this and want to explore it further.’  D.M.

‘As a former EFT cynic, I am now delighted to announce I have been converted to an enthusiast. The course,  run fantastically well, teaches that EFT when used responsibly and ethically is an amazing technique for any therapist to have in their tool box. Thank you for an enlightening weekend.’  A.E.

‘Thank you for a wonderful weekend… and thank you for your knowledge, humour and openness and for making my learning this weekend such a positive experience.’ E.D.

‘As always your professional, interesting and astute work is inspiring.  I thank you’ M.M.

‘A magical and inspiring weekend. Thank you.’ J.G.

‘The training was excellent, very clear and I felt happy to ask questions.  The exercises were relevant and well supervised’ J.J.

‘Clear, concise, practical and informative in the right proportions.’ A.W,

‘This is the first time I have been excited about learning something new for years.  A great weekend. Very thorough, informative and thoroughly enjoyable. Perfect pace.’ R.S.

‘Thank you for an amazing experience and an eye-opening day.’ J.D.

‘I am really glad I chose this course and can’t wait to complete Level 2. I would highly recommend it to anyone else.’  R.E.

‘I came expecting to learn new ways of working with clients. I found this and, above all, I found so much for myself.’ S.B.

‘A lovely gentle teaching style. I felt very comfortable.’  C.L.

‘It has been a pleasure to be part of this course. Knowledge, courtesy and professionalism all included. Thank you. ‘ JS

Above: EFT by the sea: Australian Level 2 students practice together.

‘This has been a very thought-provoking day. Judy is a great trainer and the other participants were delightful.’ G.R.

 ‘Very interesting and clearly explained. It’s been a fantastic day.’ C.D.

‘I knew virtually nothing when I booked this workshop and hadn’t expected to be able to learn so many practical applications in one day – a real delight. Thank you for such an interesting and informative day.’  S.B.

‘I appreciate (and enjoy) the relaxed, no nonsense way of delivering the information. There was plenty of time to discuss and ask questions. Thumbs up!’ M.C.

‘I have thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. I feel that it has been an exceptional group. The weekend went quickly and both rapport and knowledge gained has been valuable.’ E.B.

 ‘I found the course inspiring and informative and the interaction with the group was great. I felt that I learnt a lot of good stuff – teaching was excellent.’ J.L.

‘I felt Judy had a good broad flexible approach. Her own experience broadened the possibilities of EFT for me and helped put a framework around potential case studies.’ P.D..

‘Excellent course. Lots of opportunities to ask questions. I enjoyed the location. Thank you.’ C.K.

‘EFT has allowed me to change my perception of therapy.’ T.L.

“Wonderful course. Content very interesting and very well presented.’  A.E.