Mentoring gives practitioners and student practitioners the chance to discuss cases and to ask for more information about any technique they are unsure about, to offload concerns, to explore their own feelings,  to learn from one anothers’ mistakes  or to savour with their their mentor or peer mentoring group when things go really well.

It is a way to be the best therapist you can.

But above all, it is a place to find support and take out the best insurance you can against burn-out or compassion fatigue.

AAMET International practitioner trainees who want to be AAMET accredited have to do compulsory mentoring after their course before they are given certification.

AAMET practitioners who want to maintain their AAMET membership sign an agreement to do on-going mentoring every year as part of their continuing professional development.

I am delighted to mentor EFT practitioners who did not train with me as well as those who did.

I am a qualified mentor with the AAMET and supervisor with the National Council of Hypnotherapists.


I have very limited theoretical availability for individual mentoring available online on some Mondays and Wednesdays at 7pm  and 8 pm and some Thursdays at 6.30 pm and 7.30 pm Queensland time which is 10 hours ahead of GMT. At the moment I have a waiting list.  Unfortunately this is available only for UK and Europe.  Insurance is not available in Australia for working with people in America.  It always needs to be booked. If you are interested, contact me via:

I will need the email to include:

     your name, address, telephone number.

     a few details about your training – to what level and with whom and how long ago. And what other modalities you use.

I have reduced my mentoring rate to $80 or £40 and hour  because I know a lot of therapists, especially new ones, are fnding it tough getting on their economic feet.  If you book I will give you  bank details for payment.