Therapy with me

My philosophy has always been to tailor therapy to each individual client rather than try to fit clients into theoretical pigeon holes. So having EFT as an option means being able to draw on an amazingly adaptable option.

At the moment I am not offering individual therapy sessions to clients.  But I recommend people who are looking for a practitioner to look for someone who uses EFT.  The best place to do this is to go to  There you will find practitioners who have been trained well, assessed strictly, and have committed to ongoing supervision and continuing professional development.  You can search by country, though some work worldwide by Skype or other international platforms.

My enthusiasm for EFT is fourfold:

  • It works.
  • It works more quickly than any other therapy modality I have yet encountered.
  • It works on trauma with the minimum risk of retraumatization.
  • It empowers clients.  By learning to use it for yourself you have a self-help tool for current symptoms and to deal with whatever comes up for you for the rest of your life.

It is never possible to say how many sessions anyone will need. Sometimes what sounds very straightforward turns out to be much more complicated.  And something that sounds as if it will be difficult can surprise me by collapsing quickly.  So no one can ever give an honest answer to the question: “How many sessions will I need?”

Although EFT works amazingly well and fast, for many conditions and with most people it may not be the right path for everyone.  It is still relatively in its infancy and we are still learning about it.   No one can give you an absolute guarantee that EFT will take you where you want to go. This is especially true if you suffer a psychiatric or neurological condition. Your best chance is to be honest with your practitioner.  Tell them your psychiatric history.  What diagnoses, if any, have you had?  What prescriptions do you have?  Then they will be able either to work more appropriately, or to recognize if they are not qualified to work with you and refer you to someone who is.