This is some of the feedback I have received from clients.  (I have changed their names to protect their privacy.)

I came to see you regarding my fear of flying. I just had to tell you that since leaving your office I have not needed to tap even though I brought the holiday and flying to mind every day…I felt no anxiety whatsoever.  We have just returned from our trip and I had no fear about the flights ….even though we had a four hour delay at the Airport on the way back .. I actually enjoyed the experience. Thank you  –   Margaret Thompson (name changed)

Thank you.  I know I still have a way to go but my life now is just so different –   Angela Duckworth (name changed).

I am so fortunate it was you I had with me on my journey. And it has been an amazing one. I felt complete confidence in your support– and I don’t feel confidence in anyone easily –  Marcia Webber. (name changed)

I felt there was real professionalism but with warmth and humanity in your approach.  Your office felt so safe –  Paula Reynolds (name changed)

It is so nice to be on the receiving end of so many years of experience.  I felt I was not being judged – just held –  Emily James.

I still cannot get over how that traumatic memory just seemed to evaporate.  Where did it go? – Beth Woodward (name changed.)