From time to time I run group courses.  These may be groups of people who have something in common – they want to focus on weight and eating, for example.  Or they may want to use EFT with their colleagues to help them all keep on top of the stresses particular to the work they do.

I do not have any active groups at the moment, but I am open to suggestions if there is something you and people you know would like to work on.

I also from time to time run groups that are just about EFT.  So people come to tap on their own issues with EFT,  although they may all be looking at quite different stuff.  Working with others in this way can be useful for what EFT calls “borrowing benefits”. tapping and talking along with someone else and discovering how it has the knack of addressing and changing what is bothering us as well, whether  or not there seems to be any similarity between the other person’s issues and our own.  Our unconscious minds seem to be excellent at matching up what we hear with what is relevant for us.


I ran a series of telesessions for two people who wanted to work on eating and weight and recorded them to make them available for others to borrow benefits* from them.  We worked on a number of aspects of  weight loss and eating problems.  It was a diet-free zone – looking at what underlies  unhealthy eating patterns rather than how to counteract them by a strict eating regime.  Everyone who has ever been on the yo-yo diet treadmill will know that diets alone don’t work anyway. We looked at underlying emotions, beliefs, past experiences that were driving eating behaviour and self-image.

The audios and the accompanying workbook to be available from my tapping shop, soon.  If you want to be sure you know when then sign up for my newsletter or read my blog.