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I have made a series of DVDs to help you to learn more about EFT and take your work – whether on yourself or with other people – to a more subtle and elegant level.  They are all professionally filmed and edited.

Unfortunately, I will no longer be sending to addresses outside Australia. New Australian postal regulations have made the cost-prohibitive.

Working with trauma, Healing the Past with EFT and Doing Therapy with EFT

Get all three DVDs for the bargain price of $94.00 including postage and packing.

These three DVDs form a real MASTERCLASS in working with memories of all levels of severity.

NB Healing the Past with EFT and Doing therapy with EFT were originally titled Beyond Basics with EFT and Adventures in EFT.

$94.00 – free postage and packing

Available Now:

WORKING WITH TRAUMA This DVD presents a four-stage therapy model for working with post traumatic stress and post traumatic stress disorder using EFT as the main energy therapy modality.  It puts special emphasis on understanding what trauma does to us neurologically, physiologically and psychologically and on working in ways that are safe for the client .

It comes with a copy of the three-page handout of notes and resources that was provided to attendees at the presentation at which it was filmed at the EFT International Masterclass  2009 in Manchester.

Cost  $30.00 (plus $1.00 postage and packing)

On these two DVDs I talk about how to work with memories at all levels from the small “t” or “everyday”  traumas that determine how we judge ourselves and how safe we believe the world to be to major trauma such as sex abuse and war.  They include live sessions with clients.

Judy filmed them with two audiences of experienced practitioners and they also include answers to dozens of their questions.

NB this set was previously called Beyond Basics with EFT

Cost  $50.00 (plus $1.00 postage and packing)

On this I talk about the paradigm shift in our view of consciousness and its relevance for EFT, using EFT for anxiety and depression, surrogate tapping, the myth of the one-shot wonder in EFT,  EFT in medicine,  working with clients who find it difficult to access emotions and forgiveness.  And I work live with a client – and her inner child – on how she can be more comfortable about speaking easily in public.

NB this was originally called Adventures in EFT

Cost $26.00 (plus $1.00 postage and packing)

Special offer: HEALING THE PAST WITH EFT: Two DVDsPlus DOING THERAPY WITH EFT Buy Healing the past with EFT and Doing Therapy with EFT together for just $70.00 (Free postage and packing) NB – these were originally called Beyond Basics with EFT and Adventures in EFT.

“The DVDs Beyond Basics and Adventures in EFT are really informative and cover a lot of ground that is not covered by anyone else ZXZ, practical issues that practitioners face. I feel that, as I progress as a practitioner, I will be able to watch them over and over, learning something new each time.”

Beth Gutierrez
EFT Practitioner


Special bonus edition –
Includes farewell interview with Gary Craig

The film looks at the myths and misconceptions about treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) medically and chemically and why drugs are not proving to be the answer. It then follows a follows a group of volunteers with war trauma and their families as they discover how EFT can change their dysfunctional patterns and enable them to regain their hold on normality. For them EFT has been an answer.
The film is the culmination of a two-year process to document using EFT for the physical and emotional damage war inflicts on combatants and their families.  Its cast includes EFT Founder Gary Craig, EFT Masters Carol Look, Ph.D., Sophia Cayer, Lindsay Kenny, and more than a dozen top energy psychology professionals.  They are working with PTSD-diagnosed volunteers whose experiences, between them, range from Vietnam to the present Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. The film records therapy and follow-up.

“If the public gets behind this and says, you know there’s something important here, why do our veterans have to suffer’?” – Gary Craig, Founder

Cost  $30.00 (plus $1.00 postage and packing)

Accepting Myself: On this DVD I explore the idea of self acceptance and how lack of it and other things in our lives hinder our optimal view of ourselves physically and emotionally.  And I shows how you can use EFT to change them.. Consider your own views on yourself and their effect as you watch.

The DVD was recorded with an audience of EFTers at an EFT Masters showcase in Sydney, Australia.

Cost $34.00 (plus $1.00 postage and packing)

EFT International Masterclass 2007:  On this DVD I give a brief overview of EFT (as available on YouTube).  There is  a short session working with pain, and a longer session on motivation. The motivation session is particularly useful for practitioners who want to explore ways of working with a client who, because he has already done a lot of work on his issues, has reduced access to his emotions.

Cost $20.00 (plus $1.00 postage and packing)

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Carol Look’s shop

To buy all Carol’s books, videos and audios click here The latest addition to Carol’s range is her  BUSINESS ABUNDANCE NOW – 15 Keys for Bringing Energy Psychology and the Law of Attraction to Your Bottom Line.It includes: 9 audio CDs detailing the 15 “KEYS” to making your business much more successful using the Law of Attraction and meridian tapping downloadable as MP3
9 audio CDs recording “live” sessions with business owners and entrepreneurs who wanted to move through their energetic blocks and limiting beliefs also downloadable as MP3
A 93 page downloadable “Study Guide” (PDF) All for $197
(plus shipping and handling: USA $6.95, Canada $11.95, Other Countries $15.95)

Carol has also just re-released her Pain Relief with EFT Program with 10 hours of audio and a 244-page workbook, all immediately downloadable to your computer so there are no freight charges.  It costs only $97.

She also has a wide range of products including: Success & Abundance with EFT & the Law of Attraction 4 DVD Set
The Vibration of Abundance 12 Audio CD Set
Attracting Abundance with EFT paperback and e-book with audio recordings
And much more.. click here to see the full range.

TAT shop

To download your FREE TAT manual and to buy all Tapas Fleming’s Tapas Acupressure Technique DVDs , CDs, downloads, books and cards click here

Tapas’s products include DVDs on:

  • Healing rape and sexual abuse
  • Healing the emotional aspects of cancer
  • Healing allergies and trauma
  • Money and success
  • Sets recording workshops she has given

Audios/MP3s, workbooks and a card game on weight loss.

And much more…

Try it on everything shop

formerly known as Try it on Everything

This  cast of this new breakthrough DVD about EFT includes:  EFT Master Carol Look, EFT Master  Pat Carrington, energy guru Donna Eden, revolutionary biologist Dr Bruce Lipton,  nutritional pioneer Dr Joseph Mercola , Cheryl Richardson coach and best-selling author, Bob Proctor from The Secret, Joe Vitale author and teacher, Dr Norman Shealy and many others.

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The companion book is NOT just a trancript for the film. It’s all new material, including analysis of the participants in the film, how to use EFT for weight loss, pain, fears, perfomance- the science and history of EFT, and much more!

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Gary Craig’s shop

Judy Byrne with EFT founder, Gary Craig.

Learn EFT from DVD

Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT was the brainchild of Gary Craig who produced a range of DVDs suitable for people who are wanting  to learn more about EFT for themselves and for those planning to use it in therapy.

Gary has a website www.emofree.com on which he has some free resrouces and a subscription option which gives access to more advanced material for distance learning. His  DVDs are also available for hire from www.eftmastersworldwide.com