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Learning to use EFT can be a truly transformative experience, as hundreds of students who have learned to use EFT with me have discovered.  Whether you want to learn to use it for yourself and with your friends and family or whether you want to go on to take it into your therapy practice, you will be amazed at how much difference this power, yet elegant therapy tool can make.

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EFT Training Course Levels Explained

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This workshop introduces EFT and explains the theory. On it, you will have the chance to watch demonstrations and to learn the “basic recipe” and have the opportunity to learn several ways to use it and to practise it with other students. . There is time to tap on your own issues and to ask lots of questions. We will also look at what to do when EFT doesn’t work.

The course is suitable both for therapists from either mind or bodywork backgrounds who want to incorporate it into their practices and for people who just want to learn more about it for themselves. (It is pre-requisite for doing practitioner (Level 2) training.

The course cost includes a free comprehensive manual and morning and afternoon teas and coffees.  On it you will cover:

For a more detailed information about the contents of the EFT foundation course, please see this link EFT Training Courses  Explained

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On this two-day workshop you can learn additional tapping points, ways to work more gently, finding core issues, looking at physical issues, testing results, and working on the telephone and in groups. This is the course for those who have completed foundation or introductory level 1 training and who want to learn to work even more effectively.

When you have done practitioner training, satisfied the trainers of  your suitability, submitted three satisfactory case histories and done six hours group or one-to-one mentoring, you will be given practitioner certification. Or, if you want to study EFT in more depth for your own use you are just as welcome and the choice is yours to do case studies and mentoring or not.

The cost of the course weekend includes a free comprehensive maual (but does not include the cost of mentoring after the weekend.)

For a more detailed list of contents and explanation of training levels, please see this link: EFT Training Courses Explained

For information about my next training dates in Australia, please email me via and ask me to let you know when they are available. Or watch this space.


Please contact me if you would like a training or workshop just for your group. If you have eight or more people – fewer if you are more local – I can do it wherever you wish.


This course is for you if you are an enthusiastic practitioner who wants to become a really top EFT therapist with the superb skills and personal qualities that that requires. Over two days you will build your confidence as well as your competence, enhance your creativity and tune in to your intuition. You will explore the rich and subtle complexity behind tapping’s apparent simplicity.

There will be time to look at difficult cases and cutting edge ideas from around the world. And we will look at current trends across all therapies – including attachment, neuroscience and mindfulness – to see how they can enrich our work with EFT.  You will also have the chance to request more practice or explanation of any tehnique you feel you would like to brush up on.

For information about my next training dates in Australia, please email me via and ask me to let you know when they are available. Or watch this space. 

A course manual is provided and on-going supervision and specialist trainings will be offered after the weekend for those who want them.For a more details of the course content and explanation of EFT advanced practitioner training, please see this link EFT Training Courses Explained


The EFT Levels 1, 2 and 3 courses I teach are to the syllabus set by The Association for the Advancement of Energy Therapy (AAMET) which is the lead body for the regulation and promotion of energy therapies in the UK and is becoming a major player worldwide.  The syllabus mirrors the one originally devised by Gary Craig, the founder of EFT.

I am accredited by  AAMET-International to train up to the level of being certified to train other trainers. I am also a member of the AAMET Executive Board and of the AAMET Ethics Committee.

I have studied Gary Craig’s DVDs and was one of a very small number of people fortunate enough to have trained with him personally to an advanced level. I have great respect for his contribution to energy therapy. However meridian energy therapy is a creative, flexible and robust process and some of the content of my workshops now reflects my own expertise and experience as well as my learning from Gary Craig.



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I also have DVDs available for shipping to Australian addresses from which you can learn more about EFT. They focus particularly on working to defuse the effects of negative memories. The most recent addition is on dealing with trauma and was recorded at the 2009 International Masterclass. Unfortunately I no longer ship overseas because a recent change in the Australian postal system has made the cost prohibitive.

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If you would like a course for your workplace or any other group at a time and place to suit you please contact me.