Learn EFT

Learning to use EFT is a truly transformative experience. It can be life-changing. Thousands of students have done EFT workshops either because they want to know more about it for themselves or they want to be able to take it into their therapy practices or into their work.   It is both an excellent therapy tool and a brilliant self-help aid.

I was among the first people in the world to offer EFT training, after doing my own advanced training over four days in a small group with EFT Founder Gary Craig himself at his home in the U.S.  My courses got very high ratings from the people who attended them.

Now that I am no longer  training  I recommend you have a look at www.EFTinternational. org  where you will find a list of practitioners who have been trained to a strict syllabus by accredited trainers and who have ongoing mentoring, and professional development, and must abide by a strict code of ethics.   There you will find trainings around the world.

If you would like a more detailed description of what each level of training covers, click here.

If you have any questions about EFT you will probably find the answers here.