This list covers both introductory and more advanced texts. Unless otherwise stated available from bookshops.

Introducing EFT – a Practical guide by Judy Byrne.  This is a great place to start.  Begins right at the beginning with how-to-tap instructions for beginners and then details how to use EFT for being your own therapist, making friends with your inner critic, working with children, tapping in twos. It has chapters covering what anxiety is and how to deal with it, panic attacks, phobias, travel anxiety, EFT for sport, for optimum health, for pain, for IBS, for eating and weight, for stopping smoking, stress, insomnia, undoing trauma, for forgiveness, grief and the law of attraction. And more.  You can order it direct from here. Just scroll down a little and use the widget on the right.

Heal Yourself with Emotional Freedom Technique by John Freedom. A highly articulate and thorough  introduction and beyond with contributions from nearly 30 experienced EFT practitioners (including me).

EFT and Beyond– Cutting Edge Resources for Personal Transformation by 22 of the 29 EFT Masters worldwide.  Its 536 pages are packed with EFT experience and a wealth of new and creative ideas.  It got rave reviews.  My own chapter is on How to be your own EFT therapist. To order click here

Heal Yourself with Emotional Freedom Technique by John Freedom. A highly articulate and thorough  introduction and beyond with contributions from nearly 30 experienced EFT practitioners (including me).

Step-by-step Tapping – the amazing self-help technique to heal mind and body by Sue Beer and Emma Roberts. EFT Masters.  Clear explanations for beginners with suggested tapping sequences for each of the issues it covers.

The Tapping Solution – a revolutionary system for stress-free living by Nick Ortner.  Also starts at the beginning with easy-to-use diagrams and worksheets and information on everything from alleviating pain to weight loss and improving reltionships. With case histories.

The Healing Power of EFT and Energy Psychology by David Feinstein, Donna Eden and Gary Craig. An excellent introduction to energy therapy in general and EFT in particular with EFT’s founder, Gary Craig, as one of the co-authors. Also has simple step-by-step instructions and covers topics including fear, guilt, shame, habits, after-effects of trauma and more.

Emotional Healing in Minutes – Simple Acupressure Techniques for your Emotions by Valerie and Paul Lynch. A very clear, basic book with more depth than you might first think, introducing EFT and how to use it.

A Pocket Guide to Emotional Freedom by Steve Wells and David Lake. A self-help resource covering problems and issues such as anxiety, guilt, sadness, hurt, anger, grief, and much more. There’s also a section offering guidelines for addressing the common belief barriers that can block treatment.  How to buy:  

How to Create Positive Choices in Energy Psychology – A New Approach to EFT and Related Methods by Patricia Carrington. This is the manual for Carrington’s choices model, a sophisticated and original approach to using EFT. How to buy: (The deal is you can keep it for a year and return for a refund if you don’t find it useful.)

Rose and the Night Monsters by Jo Wiese and Steve Wells tells the story of Rose, who is afraid of night monsters and now has to stay overnight with Grandma who she knows has really big night monsters!! What is Rose going to do? Grandma’s friend Possum says she might be able to help Rose to not be afraid of monsters, by teaching her a tap dance! What is this strange “tap-dance” and will it help Rose? For introducing children to EFT.
How To buy:

Emotional Freedom Techniques Manual by Gary Craig is a manual detailing emotional freedom techniques by the originator. Gives the history and how to use it with different problems. From Amazon. Also available on kindle

Energy Medicine by Donna Eden is not about EFT, but a useful companion volume for people who do not come to it from an Energy therapies background. It explains energy testing, the anatomy of the energy body (meridians and charkas) and much more.
How to buy:

EFT for Dummies by Helena Fone.  Don’t be put off by the Dummies in the title. It is thorough and comprehensive book.


Some suggested reading and viewing if you are interested in exploring the changing paradigm are:

Most of the following are available from and For the Bruce Lipton DVD you may have to go to his own website.

The Field – The quest for the secret force of the universe by Lynn McTaggart published by Harper Collins. A. well-written update on a lot of research that it just outside the mainstream. It you are very left-brained, this will help open your mind to many ideas and to research that do not quite fit the Western hard science way of thinking, but cannot just be explained away or ignored. Blow your mind with this one.

Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert. Part autobiography and part some of the hard science behind Mind-body and her own contribution to it. A fascinating and easy-to-read paperback.

Everything You need to Know to Feel Good by Candace Pert. More as above but covers a lot of other ideas about consciousness.

The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton. Published by Mountain of Love/Elite Books. Bruce, one of the founders of the new biology, starts from a conventional science base (teaching biology to medical students in an renowned US university) and ends up re-writing our understanding of genetics and DNA. This may well also blow your mind. It is not New Age belief stuff and it is not speculation. Bruce argues from science facts and research.

The Biology of Perception The Psychology of Change by Bruce Lipton on DVD. A filmed lecture covering a lot of the same ground as the Biology of Belief but with working models. You really have to concentrate but it is worth the effort.

The Wisdom of Your Cells audio CD series by Bruce Lipton. Copy this to your ipod and absorb in bits when you have some spare time. Again covers much of the same ground as the book and DVD above but goes further and more slowly. If you find the DVD a stretch you will probably find the CDs easier to assimilate and digest.

The Genie in Your Genes: Epigenetic Medicine and the New Biology of Intention by Dawson Church, Gary Craig, founder of EFT says of it: “Once in a great while, an expansive book traces the connections between seemingly disconnected fields of science to produces a brilliant new synthesis. This work, linking genetics, electromagnetism, medicine and social change, is a monumental feat of scholarship and imagination and provides a fascinating glimpse of the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.”

What The Bleep Do We Know? Documentary on DVD about quantum consciousness and some of the people contributing ideas to this movement. The latest version runs to five DVDs with extended interviews with some of the contributors to the original.

The Heart Speaks -the secret language of healing by Dr Mimi Guarneri’ ‘ A conventionally-trained Cardiologist Reveals how her heart patients gradually taught her of the importance of love and connection for good health. Good account of some fascinating mind-body research. A favourite with my students. Direct from


See the most comprehensive guide to self help on the Internet here

The Online Self Improvement and Self Help Encyclopedia


EMDR and the Energy Therapies – Psychoanalytic perspectives
Author: Phil Mollon
Ground-breaking analysis by one of the foremost writers on psychoanalytic theory and practice explores the way energy therapy can be integrated with a more traditional psychotherapeutic approach. How to buy:

Energy Psychology and EMDR- combining forces to optimise treatment  Authors John G Hartung and Michael D Galvin. Also for people with EMDR training or an interest in how they could work together.


If you would like to see a summary of the research into EFT you will find it here

And here is the link to a  pre-publication copy of an article by David Feinstein accepted for publication by the American Psychological Society.

To find out about renting Gary Craig own original DVDs click here