Using EFT for yourself

EFT has great scope for becoming your own therapist.

You can use it to deal with symptoms you are feeling in the moment. You can use it to keep your stress levels under control. And you can do it to deal with the roots of on-going problems, to neutralize the emotional after-effects of negative experiences you have had.

One of the things EFT does brilliantly is to show us just where we need to go. Start tapping on one thing and so often something else just pops up and says: “Notice me.” When that happens don’t dismiss it as coincidence or lack of concentration. It will be relevant.

There is a down side to that, though. It means that it is possible to start working on something you think is not too huge to deal with on your own and suddenly find you are flipping into something that is.

So it is good to promise yourself that, should that happen, you will get help.

Here are some of the way you can start to learn to use EFT for yourself:

1. On the homepage see my two dvds in which I introduce EFT. One just shows exactly where the points are and the other is a slightly fuller introduction. There is a printable chart of the points below.

2. Buy my book Tap here to transform your life (formerly Introducing EFT) – a Practical Guide in paperback or on Kindle from Amazon. It is pocket-sized and a pocket-money price and tells you everything you need to know to get started and then goes into a lot of detail on how to work with a variety of topics including anxiety, phobias, health, pain, insomnia, grief, forgiveness, sports performance, making friends with your inner critic – and being your own therapist. You can click on the picture on the right to go straight to ordering it.

3.  Get my free eBook Getting Started with EFT from the homepage. .

4. While the current pandemic lasts use extreme hygiene before you tap on your face or use some of the many other options detailed under tapping tips on the home page or by clicking on

5. Do an EFT training course. To find details and dates of quality courses go to click here.

6. There is also a good ebook you can sign up for on the website